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 WE LOVE our AOR Peak K2. Unfortunately, AOR supplements are not arriving timely at this time from Canada. 3-K Complete is a very good substitute. Please do not consider this shift anything less than lateral.

1 Peak K2 is equivalent to 3-K Complete 2 capsules- so please order 2 of this product. This cost is comparable to the cost of Peak K2 1 bottle. 

3-K Complete contains three clinically studied forms of vitamin K – vitamin K1, and two forms of vitamin K2 (MK-4 and MK-7).* Many people think of vitamin K as the vitamin that supports the normal and healthy ability of the blood to clot.* But vitamin K also supports strong bones and healthy arteries.* Vitamin K ""pairs up"" with vitamin D in the body, much like magnesium pairs up with calcium.
The result is that vitamin K and magnesium can both help keep calcium in the bones and out of the blood vessels and other soft tissues.* 3-K Complete includes the clinically studied forms of vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 (as MK-4 and MK-7). MK-7 is MenaQ7® – used in the majority of MK-7 research.

The body's activation of important proteins – via a process known as carboxylation – appears to be at the center of most of vitamin K's therapeutic benefits. When vitamin K is present as a co-factor, the proteins activated in this vitamin K-dependent carboxylation process include multiple blood-clotting proteins (prothrombin and others), bone mineralization proteins (osteocalcin and calbindin), and the vascular calcification inhibitor protein (matrix Gla-protein).*

  • 3-K Complete offers support for bone, cardiovascular, and metabolic health. It also offers nutritional support for oncology patients.*



This product is contraindicated in an individual with a history of hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.

If pregnant, consult your health professional before using this product.

As Vitamin K interferes with the effect of anticoagulant drugs (like Coumadin), the concurrent use of these agents should be avoided.


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Nicolas X.

MK-4 is synthetic

They should make a product with MK-7 only as MK-4 is synthetic. Putting synthetic homologues in vitamins is fairly redundant. The reason there is 5x the amount of MK-4 than MK-7 is MK-4 has extremely poor absorption compared to MK-7. Synthetics are mainly made from corn, tar, petroleum, and ammonia.

Hi Nicolas, While this can often be the case, the MK4 in Thorne’s 3-K Complete is not synthetically sourced. The MK4 in Thorne’s 3-K Complete formula, as well as in other Thorne formulas, is naturally derived from geraniol. Geraniol, a terpene, occurs naturally in the essential oils of many fruits, vegetables, and herbs including rose oil, citronella, lemongrass, lavender, and other aromatic plants. MK4 and MK7 have data to support clinical efficacy in different tissues of the body. Both forms of vitamin K2 are included in Thorne’s 3-K Complete to provide support for a wide array of clinical concerns.


Great product!

Because I’ve gone through menopause, I know it’s more important than ever to make sure my bones stay healthy. I love the fact that you get both K1 and K2 in this product.

Helps maintain bone mineral density and supports healthy blood vessels*

3-K Complete contains three clinically studied forms of vitamin K – vitamin K1, and two forms of vitamin K2 (MK-4 and MK-7).* It contains significantly more MK-4 than most other multiple-K products on the market.*

$25 /60 Capsules

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Dairy FreeDerived From Natural ColorsDerived From Natural FlavorsGluten FreeSoy Free

How to Use

Take 1 capsule one to two times daily or as recommended by your health professional.



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