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Welcome to the Your Holistic Doc YouTube video series. As we all know, quality of life is imperative always, but COVID has really brought this to the center stage. I began to journal on the topic of Self-Care in 2015. These short videos share my journey and begin with medical school in 1998.

  • With 30 years of experience in the clinical practice of Nutraceutical and Herbal Medicine, Dr. Cometa has hand-selected all the supplements in her Holistic Pharmacy for their maximum benefit and highest quality


Our Offer

Specialty Labs

At Your Holistic Doc, we have offered very carefully selected Specialty Laboratories since 1992. For an additional consultation fee, Dr. Cometa offers a one time virtual consultations through ZOOM to review your testing results.

Wellness Labs

How many times have you wanted labs to assess your health and asked your doctor to order them, but the response by the doctor was “NO” they are “unnecessary”? No more!

Natural Skincare

Whether it is the skin on your face, the skin on your feet or anywhere on you in between- healthy skin feels like wearing comfortable clothes. Why not feel cozy in your skin?