Natural Skin Care Products


Wearing healthy skin just feels good!

 Whether it is the skin on your face, the skin on your feet or anywhere on you in between- healthy skin feels like wearing comfortable clothes. Why not feel cozy in your skin?

Let's face it, many of us can no longer "rest on the laurels" of our youth. In addition, the sun is a major life force for me and many of us. Not to mention, most of us 50+ folks were not raised with the concept that the sun can damage our skin. Although the sun has damaged our skin, I am not alone when I say there is something very wrong with throwing toxic chemicals on our skin to prevent skin cancer. Worse, I am convinced that high SPF (sun protection factor) can cause skin cancer due to potential cancer promoting effects of the toxic ingredients in the SPF product. These ingredients are not tested for our skin safety but for efficacy against the sun's rays. Ever wonder why no other country has the incidence of skin cancer we do in the USA? Mohs surgery is virtually unheard of outside of the USA. BIG INDUSTRY...this "skin cancer".  Why test something that would kill an entire pharmaceutical arm of the stock market? But that is another topic I will delve into at another time. 

It has been an arduous task over the years for me to determine what Natural Skin Care products are effective in preserving as well as restoring youthful skin and are also not going to be toxic to our health. Most 100% non-toxic skin care is either drying, ineffective, smells terrible, too expensive or all of the above!  As it only takes 26 seconds for something applied to the skin to be in the blood stream, it only makes sense to insure the safety of what we place on our skin.

Want a recommendation? If you want to feel good in your skin and maybe even restore youth to your skin, you really should consider trying "Vanity" on for size! It carries a lot of weight throughout the aging years. Let's face it, what do we have to lose?  As a matter of fact, consider Vanity your friend if you want to keep your total health. You are worth it. I have been known to suggest a mantra which is: "I Am Worth It!"

To practice the mantra, start your morning, standing in front of the mirror ...look straight at yourself and SAY (scream if you like): " I AM WORTH IT!!!!" ...over and over again....notice how awkward self-preservation combined with self-worth feels! It is OK. That response is NORMAL. But, always remember, you are your own best friend. Your total health--- Mind, Spirit and Body..including your skin, THANK YOU. Give it a try! 

Ariane - Dr. Cometa, your holistic doc