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By Thorne
Quercenase combines bromelain, a compound of protein-digesting enzymes, with a highly absorbable form of quercetin.* Quercetin appears to have many beneficial effects on human health, including support of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system, where it scavenges free radicals.*

Thorne's Quercenase combines quercetin phytosome (quercetin bound to sunflower-sourced phospholipids, which increases the body's ability to absorb the quercetin) and bromelain, a compound of protein-digesting enzymes derived from the pineapple plant.* Bromelain also has immune-supporting properties because it contains constituents that help maintain a healthy cytokine balance.*

Take 1 capsule three times daily or as recommended by your health-care practitioner.

Product Info-
Serving Size:1 Capsule
Servings Per Container:60
Amount Per Serving:
Quercetin Phytosome
(Sophora japonica concentrate (leaf) / Phospholipid complex from Sunflower)250 mg
Bromelain†100 mg

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