Maxi-Hair for Men //purchase from our fullscript store
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Maxi-Hair for Men //purchase from our fullscript store

Country Life


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What does Maxi-Hair do for everyone's hair?

That's right...not just men benefit from this very complete product for hair health and vitality.

Including saw palmetto and pumpkin seed, this product is uniquely formulated for anyone looking to promote the health of their hair and skin.

Many people profess the powers of saw palmetto as a good remedy for androgenic alopecia‚ which is a kind of hair loss. Saw palmetto may block an enzyme (5-alpha-reductase) from allowing the testosterone hormone from converting into another hormone‚ dihydrotestosterone.

Another ingredient that has an inhibitory effect on DHT‚ pumpkin seed oil‚ is packed with zinc. Horsetail extract‚ derived from Equisetum arvense‚ has a history of use as a medicinal herb dating back centuries. With a high level of silica‚ it makes the nails and hair stronger. Improving blood circulation‚ it may make the hair follicles healthy.

This dietary supplement from Country Life® also contains a food complex that comprises broccoli extract‚ brussel sprouts and cauliflower extract.

If you are worried about premature balding and your hair not getting enough nutrition‚ then Maxi-Hair® for Men 60 Softgels from Country Life® is your best bet.


Taken 2 daily, there is 30 days available in each bottle

Type: Supplement