Lyme Disease, Serum, Western Blot
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Lyme Disease, Serum, Western Blot

Cometa Wellness Center

This test provides both Lyme Disease Antibodies IgM test and IgG Western blot results. Another bacteria found through ticks infected with Lyme disease, B burgdorferi, spreads throughout the body of an infected person and affects tissue, organs, the central nervous system and even the skin. These combined tests detect and analyze antibodies against specific B burgdorferi proteins. This increased specificity reduces cross-reactivity from other bacteria. ELISA blood tests measure the amount of antibodies the body has produced as it fights the B. burgdorferi infection, and levels can indicate the progression of the disease. Since there can be false results, a Western blot test is used to confirm the results. False negative results can also be seen, and blood testing should be repeated for those people who have the Lyme disease symptoms (bull's-eye rash, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, enlarged lymph nodes, and an overall feeling of illness). If not treated during the first stage, Lyme disease may progress into the second stage causing symptoms of joint and muscle pain, heart infection and abnormal heart rhythm, enlarged lymph nodes, and neurological changes. The third stage progresses into the chronic phase with symptoms of mild to severe arthritis and neurological changes. Once treated with antibiotics, spirochete levels will still be present in the blood even though the disease is no longer active

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