Lyme Disease and Co-Infection Infection Testing
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Lyme Disease and Co-Infection Infection Testing

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Strengths of Vibrant Immunochip and Chemiluminescence-based Antibody detection

Patients in early stages of Lyme disease and those who have been treated with antibiotics may not exhibit detectable levels of antibody using traditional methods such as ELISA. For low analyte concentrations such as this, chemiluminescence-based immunoassays are the assays of choice because they enable a more sensitive detection.
The chemiluminescence-based assay on the Vibrant platform enables the detection of
lower level of antibodies in comparison to the ELISA testing available currently in other
commercial labs. Comparison of chemiluminescence based assays and ELISA based assays have shown the superiority of the former particularly in the case of Lyme disease.   

Published Accuracy You Can Trust

  • 91% Sensitivity
  • 99% Specificity
  • 95%  Reproducibility
  • 4  CDC Validations - Vibrant is the only lab to have completed all four rounds of CDC sample validation, including both non-blinded and blinded  sample verification.