Corvalen Ribose Powder  // purchase on out Fullscript store
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Corvalen Ribose Powder // purchase on out Fullscript store

Douglas Laboratories

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Corvalen, with the active ingredient ribose, helps maintain your body's core energy and keeps it fully charged. Though your body produces ribose naturally, it does so slowly. Taking supplemental ribose helps ensure adequate levels in your body to optimize its effect on restoring and maintaining healthy energy reserves. Taking Corvalen may also help reduce muscle stiffness, soreness and fatigue that results from muscle overuse.

Ribose is a simple, five-carbon sugar that is found naturally in our bodies. But ribose is not like any other sugar. Other sugars are used by the body as fuel, where they are "burned" by the body to recycle energy. But because they are used excessively, they are toxic. However, the body treats ribose differently and preserves it for the vital work of actually making the energy molecule that powers our hearts, muscles, brains, and every other tissue in the body.

"Not having ribose would be like trying to build a fire without kindling—nothing would happen. We wondered if giving ribose to people with CFS would jump-start their energy furnaces. The answer was a resounding yes!"

Recommendations: 1 scoop is equivalent to 5 grams. Normal dosage is 5 grams D-Ribose taken two times a day with the morning and evening meals. A third dose may be added at midday as needed, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Continued use is required to maintain the benefits of Corvalen.