Cortisol AM, Serum


The Adrenal gland produces a variety of hormones including cortisol in both women and men. The adrenals also produce an array of different hormones which regulate everything from blood pressure, electrolyte balance, “fight or flight response”, and numerous other important functions. Adrenal disorders are conditions which affect the normal functioning of the adrenal gland. Measuring Cortisol along with other laboratory markers, and patient symptoms, are an important part of identifying adrenal disorder. Cortisol serum tests are acceptable methods for establishing a baseline and monitoring known adrenal diseases. Cortisol concentrations are higher in the morning and usually decline throughout the day. Serum collection is typically recommended for 8am and 4pm to evaluate baseline variations. If multiple cortisol serum specimens are ordered, the patient must return to the PSC for each collection. ACTH levels are often ordered with AM specimens Note: Pregnancy, contraceptives and estrogen therapy may elevate cortisol concentrations. Multiple salivary collections or 24-hour urine collection would be the most effective at diagnosing adrenal diseases such as Crushing syndrome or Addison Disease Download Wellness Labs FAQ (PDF File)

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