Bone Health and Osteopenia Treatment Program //purchase on our fullscript store
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Bone Health and Osteopenia Treatment Program //purchase on our fullscript store

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The difference between osteopenia and osteoporosis

is that in osteopenia the bone loss is not as severe as in osteoporosis. That means someone with osteopenia is more likely to fracture a bone than someone with a normal bone density but is less likely to fracture a bone than someone with osteoporosis.

Healthy Bone Turn-over

 Bone is a dynamic, living tissue which is continuously remodeled. As old bone is reabsorbed by osteoclasts, (cells that break bone down), the “old and stressed” bone is replaced with healthy new bone by osteoblasts (new bone cells).  

  • In a nutshell, a well balance bone support supplement as well as a mineral supplement PLUS K2 and Vitamin D3 are the key elements to treat Osteopenia (bone loss) while you support bone health to Prevent Osteoporosis
  • I add Strontium and a very strong and Bone building specific form of K2 in Osteo px to address and reverse Osteoporosis. 


Osteoprime Ultra - 2 daily
Complete Mineral Complex - 2 daily
Osteo Px - 1 daily

Osteo Px contains 500 mcg of Vitamin K2 as MK7 which supports Osteocalcin activity, arterial health, optimal calcium metabolism and bone health 1 daily with food

Well-balanced bone mineral supplementation is found with Osteoprime Ultra 2 daily with food

and Complete Mineral Complex- 2 daily with food.