Corona Virus and Influenza Prevention Program


Corona Virus and Influenza Prevention Program found on the home page and able to be ordered:


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Vitamin C

Innate Response C-400mg 2 daily or the Innate Response C powder - ½ - 1 scoop (1 scoop for the older children that do not swallow pills and ½ scoop for the smaller children to avoid diarrhea)


LDA Trace Mineral Complex with Zinc 30mg – 1 daily for adults and children that swallow pills- best taken with food

BodyBio ZINC Liquid Mineral - 7 drops daily in water provides 7.8 mg Zinc - for the children who don't swallow pills


 Elderberry Tincture or Glycerite each of these are 1 teaspoon daily in a small amount of water

Vitamin D with K2

2000iu with K2 for younger children - Thorne Liquid D and K2 - (a liquid for children who don't swallow pills - 4 drops daily)

D 5000iu daily with K2- for older children and adults- there are a few choices here - K-Force 1 daily OR Osteo-PX 1 daily

More Support

There are 2 more support supplements I recommend for those who desire extra protection - these are ImmuCare - 2 daily and T Cell Balance PX - 1 daily  

Please remember, for any sign of viral illness, that you want to multiply this program to FOUR TIMES daily for Treatment until 48 hours after symptoms subside and then return to one time daily Prevention dosing.