Comprehensive Women's Wellness Profile
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Comprehensive Women's Wellness Profile

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For the duration of my career as an Integrative Medicine physician, I have been awestruck by how proactive women can be with their health.  Yet they often struggle to get any doctor to do the blood work they need and deserve to assess their total health.  So, I compiled the Women's Wellness Profile.  There is not a more comprehensive assessment available to evaluate a women's total health.  Complete with the entire Women's Hormone Profile, (which includes estrogen and progesterone levels, thyroid and adrenal health), there is also the evaluation of the women's cholesterol "machinery" (not just her numbers but HOW she makes cholesterol), as well as the assessment of her total chemistry profile and blood clots, her risk for iron overload and blood clot formation. Inflammatory markers, carbohydrate metabolism and risk for Diabetes, vitamin and mineral levels also measured.  This is very thorough blood test profile. 



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