V-Fresh Vaginal Suppositories - vaginal health supplements
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V-Fresh Vaginal Suppositories


 This unique new suppository supports a healthy vaginal pH, naturally resolving undesired vaginal odor. 

I was blessed to be trained by Dr. Tori Hudson as a 4th year medical student. She is a women's health alchemist genius and much more- Fabulous clinician and pioneer!

This product was formulated by Dr. Tori Hudson with natural ingredients, in a specialized vaginal suppository format, the Vitamin C promotes normal vaginal pH and a healthy ecology.

Featured Ingredients:

 Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) as a specialized suppository tablet so it is not caustic to the vaginal environment

Important facts about vaginal health:

  • Short 6-night suggested usage promotes maintenance of the healthy and normal vaginal pH, may be repeated if needed; full instructions are on packaging
  • Vaginal odor is normal. However, it shouldn’t be unpleasant. V-Fresh naturally supports the preferred normal acidic environment, which naturally resolves undesired vaginal odor.


Supports a healthy vaginal pH, naturally resolves undesired vaginal odor, with a unique and specialized vaginal suppository tablet.*

Suggested Use:

Insert 1 suppository vaginally for 6 nights; can be repeated if needed. Full instructions are included with the packaging. Store at room temperature. Do not use if inner foil is torn or broken.

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