Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, Serum - SHBG, serum


Testosterone and estradiol circulate in the bloodstream, bound mostly to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) and to some degree other blood proteins. Only a small fraction of the sex hormones are unbound, or "free," and thus biologically active and able to enter a cell and activate its receptor. SHBG decreases the active form of the hormone available to the tissues. Thus bioavailability of sex hormones is influenced by the level of SHBG. High levels of insulin and androgens decrease SHBG level. On the other hand, thyroid hormone and estrogen increase it. Conditions with low SHBG include ovarian cysts, diabetes, and hypothyroidism. Conditions with high SHBG include pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, and anorexia. There has recently been research to link high SHBG levels with breast and testicular cancer as well. This test can be added to a follow up male/female HRT panel if still experiencing symptoms or if free testosterone or free estradiol is low. Specimen requirements: Minimum volume 0.3mL Download Wellness Labs FAQ (PDF File)

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