Metabolic Boost
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Metabolic Boost

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  • Who may benefit from the YHD Metabolic Boost Program:

    Individuals who want to optimize fat metabolism and body composition
  • Men and women who want to combat abdominal weight gain
  • Anyone experiencing a slowing metabolism or having trouble maintaining desired weight with a healthy diet
  • Individuals who experience excessive daily stress that creates obstacles to weight management
  • Anyone wanting to assist the body to metabolize healthy fats into the production of energy we all need daily rather than store fat

The goal of the Metabolic Boost Program is to support the breakdown of fats and healthy carbohydrates into energy rather than store them which facilitates our natural energy production from while promoting health body composition and weight without any stimulant effects

This goal is achieved by maximizing the usage of every morsel you eat, WHICH consequently reduces:

  • food cravings
  • recurring feelings of hunger between mealtimes
  • the amount of food eaten DAILY AS WELL AS AT MEALS

Also the energy boosting benefit may translate to some extra pep in your step as well as staving off less emotional eating. Emotional eating is also reduced by the neurochemical balancing precursors in this program as well as through the reduction of cellular inflammation.

Metabolic Boost Program

  •  Abdominal Lean 2 before all meals
  •  UltraLean Appetite Control 2 before all meals
  • Metabolic Health 2 between dinner and bedtime