Correct Diabetes and Cholesterol Together
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Correct Diabetes and Cholesterol Together

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Did you know that Insulin Resistant Diabetes and Cholesterol Metabolism are related and hence can be brought into balance together? Having poor blood sugar control can make cholesterol levels worse. If you have diabetes and have low levels of good cholesterol but high levels of bad cholesterol and high triglycerides, you have a condition called diabetic dyslipidemia. Up to 70% of people with type 2 diabetes have diabetic dyslipidemia. 

Correcting your Carbohydrate Metabolism while you modify the way you make cholesterol can work in tandem to improve both Diabetes and Cholesterol at the same time. This is very exciting and very possible.

The Program is simple.

Dietary Strategies- Anti-Inflammatory Diet

As always I recommend the Mediterranean Diet, but in the case of Diabetes, I suggest very limited carbohydrates to get the Insulin Resistance addressed as soon as possible. Cow’s milk dairy products are also a problem with Diabetes and therefore I suggest Goat and Sheep milk Cheese products that are well made and in small portions infrequently.

NO food eaten after 8pm