Lung and Bronchial Support Program
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Lung and Bronchial Support Program

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I don't mean to be the harbinger of bad news, promise. But, let's put our seatbelts on and prepare for the winter of 2022. We know that Corona Virus continues to be an issue, so we need to have Lung and Bronchial Support on hand in our medicine cabinet in ADDITION to our daily immune support to prevent virus and other health issues. We all want to address our direct respiratory support at first signs of any kind of cough. If I had 1 cents for everyone that asks me what to do when they are suffering with anything that has to do with their lung health, I would have many dollars for asking the question over and over again...DO you have any of these four products in your medicine cabinet. This is respiratory health medicine that I honestly can not imagine not having in my home. SO, please remember, when you ask me what to do about breathing problems this winter, if these four products are not already in your home, I will still be asking if you have them! I have written about all four for years. Beyond steroids, antibiotics, inhalers, etc., it is critical to prevent breathing issues from worsening at first onset with immediate respiratory tract support! I am the lovely recipient of asthma since 14 years of age (yowsa-- I am now 59yo) and I guarantee this medical condition among others, has led me to understand the value of naturally preventing health issues and immediately addressing symptoms of ill-health. I am honestly blessed to have learned in adolescence that health matters and how to take care of myself naturally when medication was ineffective or unavailable. I also believe it is the reason for my good health today.
Please consider adding these four products in this package to your medicine cabinet arsenal for any future lung and bronchial tube health issues.

Lung and Bronchial Support Protocols

  1. Lung and Bronchial Tonic is used for deeper coughs that feel tight and can be productive- 1 tablespoon 3 times daily
  2. Bronchium Elixir is used for the spastic cough that comes on suddenly and makes the chest hurt- 1 tablespoon 3 times daily
  3. PhytoHustil Syrup is for that irritating, tickling cough that you feel in the throat and causes you to have a dry cough- 1 tablespoon 3 times daily
  4. PhytoHustil Lozengers are good ON THE GO treatment for the dry- irritating, tickling cough when you don't have the syrup version on hand


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