Immune Support Program
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Immune Support Program

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Immune Support Program

I will continue to recommend people use clean eating, exercise, adequate sleep habits and stress reducing behavior which brings them joy and happiness, as a first line approach towards their health. We are presently experiencing the annual “COLD AND FLU” season, but where was it in 2020? It vanished with COVID-19? This is a question I would like all to seriously consider. PLEASE.

Also, there is the obvious and painful awareness of coronavirus mutations which suggests the strong possibility that we will need to learn to live with this smart virus and its 'variants'. I would like to suggest that genetically outsmarting the coronavirus with self “vaccination” is at best, an extremely limited opportunity to prevent infection and the spread of the coronavirus. We need to do more for ourselves, and I encourage us all to take measures of prevention beyond the vaccine to support our immune system and total cell health.

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, A and K2 as well as Zinc and herbal Immune Support are always a “no-brainer” for me to recommend – but the issue is do these support us REALLY? As I have done this now for 30+ years, THE PRODUCT MATTERS. Just like I prescribe a medication, I recommend a supplement- it requires training to know which one to recommend and which company makes it matters very much.

So now what??

Why not consider daily:

  1. Innate C 2 daily (90day supply)
  2. Zinc 1 daily (60day supply)
  3. Vitamin D, K and A (Osteo-Px) 1 daily (60day supply)
  4. T-Cell Balance 1 daily (60day supply)

Please let me know if you have any questions about this essential program!

Dr. Cometa


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