Trust is a Mighty Word

April 12, 2020

Trust is a Mighty Word



Trust is a mighty word and Easter Sunday is a day for many that symbolizes the greatest Trust.

Roughly 2,000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth caused the greatest shift in thinking in human history.


In accordance with the Christian faith, days after his crucifixion, came the Resurrection of Jesus.

To Trust that Jesus rose from the dead is also to believe that he granted eternal life to those who put their Trust in Him. Trust has always been a mighty word and with Trust in Jesus comes Hope for the future.


The problem with Trust is that it is a moment-by-moment choice. Once we have had our Trust broken, how easily can we Trust again? As we learn to not Trust, we harden to endure what would otherwise be interpreted as painful or hurtful. This disconnect from our feelings, is itself, isolating us from our life and everyone in it, including our own feelings.


Have you ever experienced how easy it is to have Trust when things are going well, and we can validate that our ability to Trust works in our favor? On the flip side, how easy is it to have Faith and Trust when things are not going well, and we are forced to make a choice between Trust and our own Will? Have you ever experienced anger, resentment and feelings of rebellion rather than Faith and Trust, when “things are not going as you would like”? This is an example of where we experience a “Fork in the Road” with our Trust. Expectations set us up for a barrier between ourselves and our Trust experience.


This EASTER SUNDAY is a special opportunity for us all to get out of the way of our own expectations and to establish an even stronger Trust in each other, the world and our future. Together we are many strong when we have Faith and Trust in each other.


With Peace and Love,

 Ariane Cometa MD

your holistic doc

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