Metabolic Support and Self-Care

December 31, 2021

Metabolic Support and Self-Care

I believe that 2022 will be a new beginning for all of us. We are all ready to let go of the impact that COVID has had on our lives and with the dawn of our New Year 2022, I hope we can focus on Self-Care to realize that we are not only important to everyone else, but most importantly to our own SELF.

 It is so much easier to take care of others and place ourselves at the bottom of the barrel because we want those we care about to feel well. It is wonderful to take care of others. We are a communal species by nature. COVID of all things has taught us how horrible social isolation can be, because as a species, we depend upon each other for our survival and well being. But we do not need to care for others at the expense of our own Self-Care. We can do both. Over the years, I have heard thousands of people tell me how well their lives were going with food, exercise, sleep, supplements, and general health, until someone else was not well, and then their Self-Care fell off a cliff. POOF! All gone. Others are not more important to us than we are to our Self. Because many of us were not taught to value ourselves, it can be particularly challenging to believe we deserve to take loving care of our Self always. No, it is not selfish or self-centered because everyone benefits when we routinely practice Self-Care.
Let’s focus some attention briefly on what we can do in 2022 to insure we are doing the best we can to take care of ourselves. As you know, the 4 Pillars of Health I suggest are:
1.     Clean nutrient dense food
2.     Plenty of water
3.     Regular Exercise
4.     Adequate Sleep
With these 4 Pillars of Health in place, stress is less impactful on our daily living, and we are able to maintain our health with much more grace and finesse. 
What do I mean by clean and nutrient dense food? As many of you know I like to recommend we eat an Ant-Inflammatory Diet with no processed foods from boxes, jars, cans or bags that are placed in the microwave. If you institute this last line (underlined), you are eating clean, unprocessed and nutritious food. Protein, vegetables and fruit with small amounts of well grown grains are always healthful. This is essentially the Mediterranean Diet. Centenarians are most common in our Mediterranean and Asian countries.
If you feel like you struggle to eat well consistently and often find yourself reaching for the wrong food because it is easy and you are hungry, then I suggest you do weekly food planning and shopping. I freeze my proteins to always have food I am able to defrost for the week.
Supplements to help with weight management and to create new lifestyle patterns around our food do not exist without healthful eating habits. Once the foods we are eating are consciously chosen before we put them in our mouth, we can facilitate and maximize our thermogenic burn of stored calories and fat, as well as avoid storing calories we do not need to "put away".
Adequate sleep is sleeping 6-8 hours a night and to bed before midnight. Period. If sleep is interrupted, it is stress, diet or hormonally related.
What is the best exercise? This is a personal decision, but walking the dog does not count. The hardest part about exercise is starting to do it, and continuing to do it. Otherwise, it is not hard to do and there is always time to exercise. It requires scheduling and prioritizing exercise.
Water is water; not tea, coffee, soda or juice. Just drink water. Always have it near you. If you are not thirsty, it is because you are dehydrated. The more adequately we are hydrated, the more thirst we experience. Truth, not fiction.
Finally and not least important, is to take time to think about what makes you happy. Then prioritize this in your mind to grow strength in its purpose and value in your life.
If you would like help with your metabolism to facilitate meaningful Body Composition changes which help you lose inches and pounds, I like to use 2 specific supplements because they work very well together synergistically with correct eating habits.
EndoTrim and FucoTHIN provide the comprehensive endocrine-balancing formula of EndoTrim which focuses on healthy insulin, leptin, and cortisol function with the first RAW, whole food supplement FucoThin which facilitates fat-burning power and sugar metabolism without the jitters, to:
  • Boost metabolism through efficient fat-burning power and balancing blood sugar levels
  • Enhance lean body mass
  • Control food cravings
Sound too good to be true? It is not, IF PILLAR #1 is in place: Clean and nutritious food eaten daily.

Metabolic Support Program

Endotrim 2 before bed and 2 before the first meal
FucoTHIN 1 with each meal

I welcome all to embrace themselves in 2022

You are worth it!

Here's to a Healing Year in 2022


Ariane Cometa MD, your holistic doc

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